Art Director VR - UI - UX - Motion - Video


Virtual Reality, Internet of Things, Physical Interactions and installations, Voice UI, Wearables. These technologies and platforms of the future have been a central part of my undergraduate projects. I have learned, embraced and excelled in these areas while completing my specialized BFA in Computation Arts.

It's not so much my background in video, web, design, branding, user interface, user experience and motion design that makes my vision unique; It's the way I am able to utilize my knowledge of these diverse domains. With my creativity and wide-ranged expertise, I can direct and produce innovative projects that relate directly to your company and project.

- Gabriel St-Amant




Lovely ads for our superb markets.

Montréal Public Markets
5 Video ads
Since January 2014, the media production company Gabriel St-Amant started with Alexandre Frenette, Fetivo, was hired to produce promotional videos for the Montreal Public Markets. To this day, we have produced more than five corporate videos, presenting producers from the markets, short chains and the evolution of the markets throughout different seasons at different locations, including in all metro stations of Montreal.

Designing for the future of gaming.

Radiant Crusade
VR Game Development
Radiance Crusade is a highly stylized fusion between a vehicle and tower defense game. Being a leading member of the Ubisoft Game Lab Competition’s Concordia team, Gabriel designed and created all user interface elements of the game, while also conceptualizing and painting nearly all of the textures of the game and working on visual effects.

Relive the history of the Lachine Canal.

Projection Mapping Concept
We were tasked with creating a proposal for a fictive project that would bring life to a neglected Montreal location. The area that we decided to work with is the Lachine canal. We wanted to present the history of the canal and show how important of a role the canal played in the development of the Canadian economy.

See and feel signals of your body.

Vox Corporalis
Experimental VR Experience
“Bodily noise as a sample of undesired and desired self”. Vox Corporalis is about experiencing the way our “pure” and desired signals get distorted by undesired noise and data. As a critique of self-tracking, our goal is to expose the entirety of the tracked data and focus on the portion that is usually left out. The purpose of this experience is not to show beautiful sounds and visuals, but to provoke the participant into feeling a strong, repulsive reaction to the overall experience.

Do you eat your vegetables?

Veggies Consumption
Physical infographic
We decided to explore the health & food consumption category and chose a study containing data about the percentage of men and women who consume five or more portions of fruits and vegetables per day. After brainstorming ideas, we settled with the idea of recreating the shape of Canada using only fruits and vegetables.

A world of your childhood dreams.

3D Environment Design
Lolliland is a virtual environment designed to be entirely made out of candy. We were inspired by the classic story of Hansel & Gretel, and decided to expand the idea of a house made of candy into an entire island made of candy. We also expanded upon the dark aspects of the story by adding hidden traps and creepy objects below the initially visible surface.


2014 - 2017
Concordia University
BFA - Computation Arts Specialization

With my specialization in Computation Arts and minor in film projects, I have a constant boost of creativity while studying digital culture, networking media theories, internet of things (IOT), tactile interfaces, tangible media and unique user interactions.

2011 - 2014
Cégep St-Jérôme
DEC - Multimedia Integrations Technique

My projects in Multimedia Integration enabled me to increase my technical knowledge of web design and front-end programming, print design, motion design and audio composition, in addition to the full development of several mobile applications and games.

2015 - Today
Front-End Developer, Project Coordinator

Nixa is an outsourcing tech firm specialized in custom web development, located in Montreal and New-York, that aims to help agencies with complex web projects.

Gabriel joined the team in early 2015 as a project coordinator and as a web integrator. He mainly works on programming, animating and designing visual elements, while collaborating with the chief designer to provide a unique user experience. He also collaborates with the chief of production to coordinate the interface integration team, while keeping the client up-to-date with latest project advancements.

2013 - Today
Founder, Chief Production Officer

Fetivo is a corporate video and multimedia production startup that helps local groups and companies have professional videos to make their products stand out. We provide additional 360 degree services, such as motion design, brand design, photography, audio composition, print design and more.

Gabriel started the company in 2013 with Alexandre Frenette and does all the technical work related to the products mentioned above, ranging from graphic design and motion design to cinematography and video editing.